The Victorian Gothic Collection

House of Shadows

Book 1 of the chilling new Victorian Gothic Trilogy

After losing her father and nearly losing her life when their ship sank off the coast of Cornwall, Adelaide Hampton Parke is faced with a terrible dilemma. Her stepmother has demanded that they immediately set sail for New York but the very idea of stepping foot on board another ship and facing the uncertainty of a Transatlantic crossing leaves her paralyzed with fear. Not to mention that her relationship with her stepmother is contentious at best and she’s been given only six months to return to New York and find herself a husband or be put out of the family’s Park Avenue home to make her own way in the world.

Salvation comes, unexpectedly, in the form of a telegram from Eldren Llewellyn a Welsh lord and the sole owner of a mining empire. He’d partnered with her father in multiple business ventures, and upon the man’s death, proposed to Adelaide in order to spare her the ordeal of returning home in her stepmother’s less than tender care. But as she travels to his remote estate in Snowdonia, Adelaide comes to realize that his ancestral home, Cysgod Lys, literally the Shadow Hall, is filled with secrets and dark things she cannot name. Fear is her constant companion and she begins to wonder if her new husband is her savior… or her doom.

**** Please note that this is a true trilogy. It isn’t three interconnected stories, but one story told over the span of three books. Each book can be read as a complete story on its own, though it will help to read them in order. They will be published in fairly quick succession at about eight weeks apart. The standard length for a novel is 45,000 words to 90,000 words. This series, when complete, will be 150,000 words in total. That was simply too much for one book and that is why it is being told in parts. Thank you. ***

Veil of Shadows

Read more about the chilling events that unfold at Cysgod Lys in Book 2

Newly married, Adelaide Llewellyn, is struggling to find her place in her distant husband’s life and in his ancestral home of Cysgod Lys. Surrounded by bitter enemies, lies and the dark secrets that have haunted his family for generations, there is much to be feared. But the danger she faces is as much from the living as the dead.

There are dark and unnatural things lurking within the walls of Cysgod Lys and on the moor that flanks it. They’ve made their presence and their power known to her. But Adelaide will not be ruled by fear and she will not simply give in to it. She means to fight for her home and for her husband, no matter what may come.

Passage of Shadows

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to The Victorian Gothic Collection!

The plots, schemes and machinations at Cysgod Lys, from both mortal and immortal sources, are coming to a head. But as the ancient evil maneuvers to fully become a part of the living world and Frances struggles to extricate herself from a situation of her own making, Eldren and Adelaide, with the help of Lord Mortimer and Madame Leola, are hatching schemes of their own. Buoyed by new confidence in her previously latent abilities, Adelaide has a plan that may finally offer them peace, freedom, and a chance for true happiness together.

Fighting something that has no true form, something that can take the shape of anything and anyone, something that potentially sees and knows everything, is next to impossible and the closer they get to the final battle, the higher the stakes get. But Adelaide is determined, because she isn’t just fighting to win…she’s fighting for love.